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Short Story Reviews

This page acts a collection-point for the various short stories reviewed on the website. This index includes short stories published in print magazines and online, as well as printed novel-sized collections, such as the Best European Fiction 2010 series.

There are currently 82 short stories under review, which represents 23.90% of the 343 reviews.

Online Collections

Asymptote - January 2011 issue
---Bernhard, Thomas - Is it a Comedy? Is it a Tragedy?

Issue 71-73
---Simić, Mima - Boys Don't Cry
Issue 74
---Klimáček, Viliam - Cosmonauts' Square • Generation Ю

Hungarian Quarterly
---Kosztolányi, Dezső - The Last Reading

The Maple Tree Literary Supplement
Issue 7
---Ifedigbo, Sylva Nze - The Lunch on Good Friday

Saraba Magazine
Issue 4
---Ifedigbo, Sylva Nze - Death on Gimbiya Street
Issue 7
---Ifedigbo, Sylva Nze - The Hundredth Friend

Sentinel Nigeria
Issue 3
---Agema, Su'eddie Vershima - Awaiting

Swale Life
---Ifedigbo, Sylva Nze - Ninety Minutes

Words Without Borders
August 2010 - Writing from Hungary
---Esterházy, Péter - Kornél Esti’s Bicycle Or: The Structure Of The World
---Háy, János - Lou's Last Letter to Feri's Wife
---Kornis, Mihály - The Toad Prince
---Lázár, Ervin - The China Doll
---Parti Nagy, Lajos - Oh, Those Chubby Genes
---Tar, Sándor - Slow Freight

October 2010 - Beyond Borges: Argentina Now
---Bettencourt, Lúcia - Borges's Secretary
---Bizzio, Sergio - Magic!
---Brau, Edgar - The Key
---Delaney, Juan José - The Two Coins
---Giardinelli, Mempo - God's Punishment
---Martínez, Guillermo - The “I Ching” and the Man of Papers
---Schewblin, Samanta - Preserves
---Shua, Ana María - Octavio the Invader

January 2011 - The Work Force
---Pradelli, Ángela - The Bather

Printed Collections

Absinthe: New European Writing
Issue 13: Spotlight on Romania
---Agopian, Ştefan - The Art of War
---Bittel, Adriana - Names
---Cărtărescu, Mircea - Clockwork Animals
---Lungu, Dan - To the Cemetery
---Suceavă, Bogdan - Can You Hear the Shape of a Drum?
---Teodorovici, Lucian Dan - Chewing Gum

Issue 14
---Cristofovici, Anca - Stela's Return

African Roar
Sigauke, Emmanuel and Hartmann, Ivor W. (eds.) - African Roar
---Tshuma, Novuyo Rosa - Big Pieces, Little Pieces
---Tubosun, Kola - Behind the Door
---Musodza, Masimba - Yesterday's Dog
---Morocco-Clarke, Ayodele - The Nestbury Tree
---Beaven Tapureta - Cost of Courage
---Hartmann, Ivor W. - Lost Love
---Mlalazi, Christopher - A Cicada in the Shimmer
---Nwokolo Jr., Chuma - Quarterback & Co.
---Sigauke, Emmanuel - A Return to the Moonlight
---Damoah, Nana Awere - Truth Floats
---Attah, Ayesha Harruna - Tamale Blues
---Note - The order is identical to the collection's table of contents (ie deliberately not alphabetical)
---See Also: The End of the African Roar Series

Best European Fiction
Best European Fiction 2010 - Hemon, Aleksandar (ed.)
---Belgium: Toussaint, Jean-Phillipe - Zidane's Melancholy
---Bosnian: Štiks, Igor - At the Sarajevo Market
---Bulgarian: Gospodinov, Georgi - And All Turned Moon
---Croatian: Ušumović, Neven – Vereš
---Danish: Aidt, Naja Marie - Bulbjerg
---Estonian: Viiding, Elo - Foreign Women
---French: Montalbetti, Christine - Hotel Komaba Eminence (With Haruki Murakami)
---Hungarian: Konrád, György - Jeremiah's Terrible Tale
---Icelandic: Bragi, Steinar - The Sky Over Thingvellir
---Italian: Mozzi, Guilio - Carlo Doesn't Know How to Read

Best European Fiction 2011 - Hemon, Aleksandar (ed.)
---United Kingdom: Welsh: Roberts, Wiliam Owen - The Professionals
---United Kingdom: British: Mantel, Hilary - The Heart Fails Without Warning
---Turkish: Üldes, Ersan - Professional Behaviour
---Swiss: Stefan, Verena - Doe a Deer
---Spanish: Catalan: Ibarz, Mercé - Nela and the Virgins
---Spanish: Castilian: Vila-Matas, Enrique - Far From Here
---Slovenian: Jančar, Drago - The Prophecy
---Serbian: Arsenijević, Vladimir - One Minute: Dumbo's Death
---Russian: Gelasimov, Andre - The Evil Eye
---Romanian: Teodorovici, Lucian Dan - Goose Chase
---Portuguese: Tavares, Gonçalo M. - Six Tales
---Polish: Tokarczuk, Olga - The Ugliest Woman in the World
---Norwegian: Grytten, Frode - Hotel by a Railroad
---Netherlands: Uphoff, Manon - Desire
---Montenegrin: Spahić, Ognjen - Raymond is No Longer with Us – Carver is Dead
---Moldovan: Ciocan, Iulian - Auntie Frosea
---Macedonian: Minevski, Blaže - Academician Sisoye's Inaugural Speech

Best European Fiction 2012 - Hemon, Aleksandar (ed.)
------Belgium (Flemish): de Martelaere, Patricia - My Hand is Exhausted

The Penguin Century of Australian Stories - Bird, Carmel (ed.)
---Baynton, Barbara - Squeaker's Mate

The Review of Contemporary Fiction
Vol. XXX, #1 Writing From Postcommunist Romania
---Adameşteanu, Gabriela - The Hour Commute
---Blandiana, Ana - The Open Window
---Petrescu, Răzvan - Wedding Photos
---Suceavă, Bogdan - Daddy Wants TV Saturday Night

Vol. XXX, #2 Slovak Fiction
---Hochel, Braňo - My Best Story
---Johanides, Ján - Berlin in the Afternoon, at a Quarter to Winter
---Juráňová, Jana - Clips
---Karvaš, Peter - Xerox of a Document about One Half of (the Art of) Life
---Kompaníková, Monika - Slávko
---Kovalyk, Uršuľa - Mrs. Agnes's Bathroom
---Rankov, Pavol - The Period in Which We Live
---Šimko, Dušan - Excursion to Dubrovnik

Two Lines
Vol. XV - Strange Harbors
---Gersão, Teolinda - Four Children, Two Dogs and Some Birds
---Rey Rosa, Rodrigo - Poco-loco
---Schiff, Agur - There's Lots to See
---Suceavă, Bogdan - Our Years of Beauty