One Hundred Reviews - A Breakdown

100 reviews have now been posted to this website.

So, how do they stack up?

Here are the reviews, broken down:

28 reviews written by Americans.
1 review written by an Argentinian (Borges, of course).
4 reviews written by Australian.
1 review written by an Austrian (Arthur Schnitzler).
9 reviews written by the British.
1 review written by a Canadian (Margaret Atwood).
3 reviews written by a Czech.
1 review written by a Dane (Søren Kierkegaard).
5 reviews written by a Dutch.
11 reviews written by a Frenchman or woman.
4 reviews written by a German
1 review written by an Irish (Joyce, of course).
1 review written by an Israeli (Aharon Appelfeld).
6 reviews written by Italians.
1 review written by a Mexican (Carlos Fuentes).
5 reviews written by Norweigans.
3 reviews written by Peruvians (All Mario Vargas Llosa).
1 review written by a Pole (Bruno Schulz.
1 review written by a Portuguese (Antonio Lobo Antunes).
1 review written by a Romanian (Elie Wiesel).
6 reviews written by Russians.
1 review written by a Scot (J M Ledgard).
1 review written by a Serb (Zoran Živković).
2 reviews written by Spaniards.
1 review written by a Swede (Par Lagerkvist).

Looking ahead, I would like to decrease the amount of reviews dedicated to American and British authors. Combined, they make up 37% of the total books reviewed, which is far too many. I hope to broaden my own reading into other nations and times, as so far there seems to be quite the focus on contemporary authors writing in English.

Overall, though, I am not unhappy with the breakdown of authors. The list is very fiction-heavy, with only a handful of purely non-fiction works. I intend to keep that percentage low, as my own personal preference tends very heavily towards fiction. That is not to say I do not read non-fiction, but at present I feel less comfortable in reviewing it.

It shall be interesting indeed to review this list and the ongoing totals come 200 reviews.