New Review - Philip Roth - Exit Ghost

The latest review to be added is American author Philip Roth's novel, Exit Ghost.

Also under review by Mr Roth are the following works:

Goodbye, Columbus
My Life as a Man
Novels, 1973-1977 (Library of America)
Zuckerman Bound

The Atlantic Monthly archives placed online - for free

The Atlantic Monthly has placed their archives online, for free. Previously the magazine offered the archives on a pay-for basis.

Why is this noteworthy? Well, the magazine was founded in 1857, and was intended as a literary and cultural resource. Many important American names found their way onto the pages over the years, and while the magazine is not as literature-focused as it once was, there is still a lot there worth reading.

The back issues from November 1995 - Current are available in their entirety (excepting a few articles with legal issues), with articles from 1857 - 1995 available in pre-selected 'flashbacks'. Hopefully the magazine will slowly work their way back through the archives to release it all.

The message from the editor regarding the released archives.

New Review - Cynthia Ozick - What Henry James Knew

The latest review to be added is American author Cynthia Ozick's essay and review collection, What Henry James Knew

Also under review is Ozick's collection, The Din in the Head

New Review - Carlos Fuentes - Christopher Unborn

The latest review to be added is Mexican author Carlos Fuentes' novel, Christopher Unborn

One Hundred Reviews - A Breakdown

100 reviews have now been posted to this website.

So, how do they stack up?

Here are the reviews, broken down:

28 reviews written by Americans.
1 review written by an Argentinian (Borges, of course).
4 reviews written by Australian.
1 review written by an Austrian (Arthur Schnitzler).
9 reviews written by the British.
1 review written by a Canadian (Margaret Atwood).
3 reviews written by a Czech.
1 review written by a Dane (Søren Kierkegaard).
5 reviews written by a Dutch.
11 reviews written by a Frenchman or woman.
4 reviews written by a German
1 review written by an Irish (Joyce, of course).
1 review written by an Israeli (Aharon Appelfeld).
6 reviews written by Italians.
1 review written by a Mexican (Carlos Fuentes).
5 reviews written by Norweigans.
3 reviews written by Peruvians (All Mario Vargas Llosa).
1 review written by a Pole (Bruno Schulz.
1 review written by a Portuguese (Antonio Lobo Antunes).
1 review written by a Romanian (Elie Wiesel).
6 reviews written by Russians.
1 review written by a Scot (J M Ledgard).
1 review written by a Serb (Zoran Živković).
2 reviews written by Spaniards.
1 review written by a Swede (Par Lagerkvist).

Looking ahead, I would like to decrease the amount of reviews dedicated to American and British authors. Combined, they make up 37% of the total books reviewed, which is far too many. I hope to broaden my own reading into other nations and times, as so far there seems to be quite the focus on contemporary authors writing in English.

Overall, though, I am not unhappy with the breakdown of authors. The list is very fiction-heavy, with only a handful of purely non-fiction works. I intend to keep that percentage low, as my own personal preference tends very heavily towards fiction. That is not to say I do not read non-fiction, but at present I feel less comfortable in reviewing it.

It shall be interesting indeed to review this list and the ongoing totals come 200 reviews.

Welcome to

Today this site has achieved something of a milestone. There are now 100 reviews.

To celebrate this, I have decided to register the domain The links should all point to their correct destinations, but if not, please email me.

Comments and suggestions are welcome. For 2008, I plan to finally include something that will adhere to the 'fiction' label for the website. Stay tuned for that.

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